Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Hello world!

My name is AnnMarie Hurtado, and I'm a children's librarian and I'm always looking for great ideas to inspire and motivate kids to read and writer. I'm starting this blog to collect and share my own ideas, the books I recommend for kids, the ideas I find on the Internet.

I work at a public library serving children of all ages, but for the last few years I've worked hard to increase our services to the kids in kindergarten-3rd grade. I do a bilingual reading program called Lucha Libros, various science programs which I write about on my blog at Science in the Library, creative writing for kids 5-8 years old, creative writing for tweens 9-12 years old, and TONS of storytimes. Realizing that what I do is primarily focused on making young readers and young writers feel excited about coming to the library and reading books, I've set up this blog to share the ways I try to do that.

I hope this blog can be a resource for you teachers, librarians, parents and caregivers out there hungry for new books and ideas to take children's early literacy or emerging literacy to new levels of fun!